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Song Cover: Evolution of Disney Duets

Song Cover: Leaves From The Vine – Taylor Davis Violin Cover

Song Cover: U.S.A. For Africa „We Are the World“ Cover by Snowflake Sharmie

Song Cover: Lewis Capaldi „Someone You Loved“ Cover by Taylor Davis

Throwback Thursday: Ellie Goulding „Burn“ Cover by Cat Rox

Maleficent Cosplay by Actress Christiana


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Actress Christiana as Maleficent [facebook] [IMDB]

Musicians of the Serbian National Theatre make music for Italy

Maiev Shadowsong Fanart by Zach Fischer


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You can find 38440 fanarts in my database, 28 of them are Maiev
Shadowsong fanarts.

Throwback Thursday: Lavender Town – Pokémon Red and Blue – Natewantstobattle

Nightelf Fanart by Ona N.


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You can find 38440 fanarts in my database, 333 of them are Nightelf fanarts.